Interview with Ye Olde Timekeepers

One of the most established collectors and sellers of fine jewelry and watches, Ye Olde Timekeepers specializes in the truly rare and hard to find. In this interview, they discuss… Read More

Antique Jewelry Blog

Interview with Jewelry Blog Founder Danielle Miele

In this exclusive interview, Danielle Miele, founder of Gem Gossip, talks about how she got started in the jewelry industry through her blog, how antique and vintage pieces play a… Read More

Marion Fasel Interview

How To Become A Jewelry Editor

During our show in Las Vegas, we spoke with Marion Fasel, the founder of┬áThe Adventurine, a 20th Century jewelry historian and former InStyle Magazine editor, on what it takes to… Read More

Chris Enebo Interview

Interview with Chris Enebo

From the early 17th Century to Midcentury Modern, antique collector Chris Enebo discusses her love of jewelry and antiques that have little known history and big stories. From a captain’s… Read More

Antique Jewelry Expert Interview

Interview with Edward Faber of Aaron Faber Gallery

  We’ve begun to make video a big video a must for 2019. What better way to share knowledge, showcase antiques and highlight our show attendees and exhibitors than video!… Read More