How HGTV Shows Have Revitalized the Demand for Vintage and Antique Goods

Raise your hand if you watch HGTV more than you watch the news! Are the shows Fixer Upper, Fix or Flop Ft. Worth and maybe even Boise Boys your go-to… Read More

5 Things You Should Know Buying High-End Antiques Today

Antiques demand a certain sense of understanding to truly gain value and appreciation for both their worth and their sentiment – particularly when it comes to high-end antiques. Gaining this… Read More

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Accenting Colored Stones in Vintage Engagement Rings

It might be a surprise to learn that engagement rings haven’t always been dominated by diamonds. Before mining giants De Beer got involved in the promotion of diamonds, any and… Read More

Georgian Jewelry: Impacted by an Ever-Changing Time in History

The Georgian period, from 1714 to 1837, is an intriguing and interesting part of our history. It would best be explained as a critical time of change and rapid growth… Read More

2016 Spring Jewelry Trend – Statement Earrings

This spring season, the runways and red carpets are heating up with the newest fashion trend, statement earrings and shoulder dusters. Out are the days of minimal and delicate pieces…. Read More

The Jewelry History Series Has Big Plans for a Third Year

U.S. Antique Shows’ commitment to supporting ongoing education in the antiques community is prevalent at the multiple special events they host throughout the year, such as booth talks, Appraisal Day… Read More

The Lure of Fancy Colored Diamonds

When you think of a diamond, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Love? Marriage? Engagement? Lifelong commitment? In today’s society, diamonds are recognized as the traditional symbol… Read More

The Appraiser’s Diary: Don’t Tell Your Parents to Stop Collecting

By Rachel Hoffman, Antiques Young Gun, Doll Specialist, and Certified Appraiser As an appraiser, I look at a lot of collections. I many times must explain that this collection, or single… Read More

The Appraiser’s Diary: Why Do We Collect?

By Rachel Hoffman, Antiques Young Gun, Doll Specialist, and Certified Appraiser When you think of the word “antique” – is it daunting? I know it was for me when I started… Read More

Andrew Skipper: Young, Passionate and Design Focused

At just 29 years old, Andrew Skipper’s career experience and knowledge rivals those twice his age. Interior designer, antique dealer, blogger, freelance writer, and TV host are the list of… Read More

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